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The Power of Words, Thought Control and the Altering of Physical Reality

August 2018 - We have often said that thought is action. The reason for this is that what you think, and the thoughts that are expressed and then felt by you create an electromagnetic vibration, a frequency if you prefer. This vibration has magnetic qualities, and it projects into physical reality and attracts similar frequencies and vibration. The more intense the feeling or emotion with which you imbue the thought, the more likely it is that events, people, situations and realities that are of a similar vibration will be attracted to you and literally show up in your life. This is the universal law of attraction.

This law is the fundamental principle of how your reality is created and magnetized to you. Patterns that resonate with your vibrational input and intent, positive or negative, materialize in your physical reality.

Add to this the fact that you are also predisposed to “see” the world in one-way or another. The way you “see” your world and what happens to you is related to the life mission your Soul chooses prior to the lifetime as well as a myriad of life personality features you also choose that are formed in childhood through your environment and surroundings. This combination colors the way your thought process occurs (often an unconscious occurrence) and this vibrational projection then attracts to you optimum lessons designed for specific goals related to your personal Soul growth. Understand this and you begin to understand how "thought" plus "emotional intent" plus "individual predisposition" forms the basis of how you attract your reality and the lessons that befall you.

What we have not discussed in depth in the past, however, is the importance of sound and the spoken word in the creation of your physical environment. Most of you know that sound is a frequency and a vibration but few understand its importance in creating reality. There are many references to this in religious and esoteric literature. In fact, it is sound, the power of sound and the frequency of sound that prompts the many teachings around the power of the spoken word.

Thus, the “Word” is referenced as an act of God, and in fact when a word is spoken, or a combination of sounds is created, it generates a form of sacred geometry that makes certain combinations of sound more poignant and powerful than many realize. In fact, the vibrational patterns and sacred geometry formed by sounds – or the combination of letters in words and words in sentences that comprise language -- generates a vibrational pattern that can influence the very creation of physical reality. Have you never wondered why chanting, vocal prayer, drumming, singing and the like have such power to move you or even to miraculously heal?

In conjunction with this let’s also take a moment to discuss the effect of sound vibration and frequency on mass consciousness. While each of you has specific and varied traits related to your personalities that affect the way in which you see the world and influence the elements attracted into your reality, this is also the case with mass consciousness. Group vibrational projections have enormous power to create the mass conscious environment and it is against the backdrop of that environment that many, if not all individual desires and events are actually incorporated into one’s life and played out in the reality you experience.

Returning to our original discussion concerning sound and the spoken word, it is not by accident that in the English language, as an example, the word "spelling" has two meanings: one is related to the correct ordering of letters to create the sound of that word and an additional meaning is related to the conjuring of a magical experience - a Spell. And if you permit us to take this further, can it be an accident that the definition of a "Spell" is to cast a magical intention that creates a new physical reality? Moreover, have you ever wondered where the belief originated (fantastic as it may seem) that a certain compilation of words, sound and vibration, like Abracadabra, when spoken in a certain way, at a certain time, with a certain intent and emotion could actually have the power to alter current reality?

In other words, someone who employs the casting of “Spells” uses words and certain phrases to create a specific vibrational frequency intended to propel that which is desired into physical reality. While much of this is now relegated to the world of fantasy or, for some taught specific dogmas, the world of evil concoction, this practice is actually based on a fundamental precept of physical reality creation. That is, actual reality is propagated through the concentration of frequency, emotional intent and (sound) vibration in such a way as to order the attraction of particles and pull them into formation to create the world you see and the opportunities you experience.

We are addressing this issue with you today because many are currently being swayed by the vibrational sensations being experienced around them, and, perhaps more problematically, are being drawn into challenges related to the mass conscious reality that is emerging. Without realizing or being conscious of it, you are becoming prone to manipulation by words and speech – sound -- being used to generate a vibrational frequency that creates a mass consciousness that is, more often than not, removed from your liking. In short, there are those around you, many in places of authority, that are casting a “spell” upon you through the repetitive use of sound, vibration and frequency and in doing so they are altering your reality.

For some, this vibrational manipulation is precisely what they wish to hear and for their own purposes of Soul growth they are more than willing to be subjugated by the vibrational manipulation. For others, particularly those older Souls still present at this moment in your world, the degeneration and deterioration of the mass consciousness that they see is confusing at best and infuriating at worst.

An inability to understand that this manipulation is being cast upon you through the constant use of frequency and vibration found in the compilation of certain words, phrases and thought patterns allows the originator of those errant vibrational frequencies to garner the power to alter your physical reality. At the present moment, the objective has been mostly to generate fear, one of the most potent emotions for creating reality, within a population that is unaware of the manipulation it is experiencing. However, at a future moment not far on the emerging timeline, those understanding these creation principles will attempt to use technologically advanced frequencies to sway your individual thought patterns and push certain agendas into reality.

You see the basis of this emerging in the current debates around the infiltration of your media, social and otherwise, and efforts to externally manipulate your various life decisions. But you have not yet experienced the more severe strategies being created by several world governments based on technologies developed through contractual arrangements and in cooperation with inter-dimensional extraterrestrials. These thought fence and thought control technologies are being prepared for potential use and are intended to reach beyond your conscious awareness so that via vibrational frequencies your Soul's free will is curtailed.

By manipulating your inner most thought patterns before they emerge and directing your emotional output, these technologies are intended to direct the creation of physical reality in a specific manner favorable to those controlling the technology. This is a violation of universal law, which is well known to the cooperating extraterrestrials but not known to the participating secret Earth government organizations. Use of these technologies will ultimately trigger karmic intervention from higher dimensional guardians of the Human Angelic Soul group.

To return to the subject at hand however, whether digitally, virtually or audibly expressed, the proliferation of modern communication vehicles and technology for disseminating vibrational and emotional expression has become part of your world now for specific reasons. Primary among these is to awaken all individuals to their power as co-creators of reality and the need to strengthen your core belief structure. As you awaken to this understanding, if only through sheer disgust, you gain valuable insight into your ability to control the manipulation being forced upon you by those using their positions to broadcast a vibration of words, sounds and thoughts intended to transform your reality.

It is easy to fall into this vibrational trap and be subjugated through the very real hypnotic frequency and effects of sounds and words used in a relentless and repetitive fashion to invade the consciousness. Moreover, on a larger scale this same hypnotic frequency has the power to alter mass consciousness generally, thus changing the existing physical reality, including events, challenging and otherwise, that are emerging on the current timeline. Whether these events and the change in your physical reality is something you are innately attracted to or the events and change are related to something you dread and fear, in both cases you should know that the energy you provide in the form of reaction feeds the “spell” being cast. This energy strengthens the vibrational pull and more readily creates the particular physical reality being broadcast to you.

While your world is not replete with devils, as many of your religions would have you believe, it is in fact full of what we shall call “wizards” who are continually attempting to cast spells through the use of vibration and frequency in order to create a world environment that they themselves can manipulate and control. We will not get into a discussion here with regard to who these wizards actually are but suffice to say that they are not who you think they are and they are not necessarily good, bad, right or wrong. Certainly however, they are being directed and unconsciously manipulated by influences that have specific intention related to the lowering of consciousness, slowing of the process of Ascension and the ushering in of a lower density, new Third Dimensional timeline.

It is important therefore, to understand how reality is created in order to control your own personal destiny, the destiny of your friends and families and the destiny of the planet as a whole, particularly as the current timeline transforms and as Ascension energies become more intense. If you are fearful of what you are hearing and the words that are being spoken all around you, realize that this is an attempt to manipulate you – to cast a Spell on you in order that the creation of what you fear be further generated in your physical environment. On the other hand, if you are in favor of what you hear, it is quite possible that you are also being manipulated in order to increase the energetic intensity and propel these events into physical reality for your own Soul purposes.

Whatever your perspective or Soul desire, first and foremost become conscious of the nature of vibrational frequency in the attraction and creation of your personal reality, the reality of your community and the physical reality of your world. Pay close attention to the sounds of words and phrases that you speak and that you hear. Notice when what you are hearing triggers negative feelings and fearful emotions; Monitor your own words for their vibrational content and stand up to what you hear around you through an understanding that you are the one in charge of your vibrational and emotional output. Do not fear, do not adhere and do not lend your energy by virtue of your attention to any thought or anyone that does not resonate for you at a Soul level. Learn to be mindful.

Next, it is important to tune out the particular vibrational frequencies you distrust. In this case stop speaking or listening to words and messages you deem unqualified. Rebuke the “Spell” being incessantly cast upon you through repetition in any form or via any vehicle of technology. Learn to be conscious of efforts to illicit your emotional response.

It is time to close down the frequency-instigating channels and banish the vibrational manipulation, particularly if you find the words and vibrations untruthful and especially if they somehow generate fear in you or in others. By dampening the message and the sound, the vibrational frequency is lessened and its power is curtailed. In this way you are no longer contributing to a negative mass conscious vibration, nor are you allowing the message to gain personal access to you through the natural laws of reality attraction.

Become conscious of the power of words and sound to generate vibrational frequencies that can manipulate, from wherever or whatever place they may originate. Understand the potency of sound, words and phrases, and recognize their relationship to your personal vibration and frequency. Take control and master your own vibrational output. In doing so, retrieve the power stolen from you so that you can hinder and even halt the potentially detrimental manipulative vibrations being used to cast a “spell” upon your world reality.

© 2018 EM Nicolay All Rights Reserved

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