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When Truth and Illusion Collide: Why what is happening is happening

October 2019 - Long ago we mentioned that when Ascension energies prevail, as they do now, falsehood falls away, the Truth is revealed and evil is unmasked. We would go as far as to say that during periods of Ascension such as the one you are navigating today, aside from the ever increasing polarity between young Souls who dive head-first into karmic adventures and old Souls preparing to cycle off to incarnations in higher dimensions, Truth rises to the forefront and whatever myth has masked Truth until now is revealed.

Many of you reading this in the current unstable environment, will immediately think that what is happening in the United States and in the world today is precisely this -- the unveiling of Truth. You applaud and feel comforted that politicians and world leaders, many of whom are grossly corrupt, are being unmasked and finally defeated.

Most hope that the intense struggle will end peacefully with triumph over evil, at which point everyone can return to the way it was before their rude awakening and the daily turmoil that is turning the world upside down. But a deeper look is always warranted, if indeed, Truth is to be told. And this look may not conform to your wishes for good to overtake evil and find happiness, peace and harmony thereafter.

Many see Truth as an ideal to strive to obtain, and this can sometimes be so. But more often than not, Truth is the basis of core beliefs an individual or culture has that hides in the shadows waiting for you to discover it, understand it and potentially alter it if you are not happy with what you see. To explain this, let us begin by taking a brief journey through your relatively recent history.

In our book “Timeline Collapse,” among other things we detailed for you the global role of the United States since World War II. We described how unspoken, selfish desires to create an American Empire saw the establishment of secret worldwide intervention strategies, how this was cemented into place and augmented through the use of the petro-dollar, and how that led in due course to the establishment of pockets of terrorism. We explained how secret forces from that same global power financed and instigated these pockets of mayhem to foment international terrorism and unrest, and ultimately provide justifiable excuses for invasion and interference in the affairs of sovereign nations in the Middle East and elsewhere. Finally, we outlined how, as seen on the current emerging timeline, all of this would ultimately lead to the karmic unraveling of the American Empire by the middle of the 21st Century.

The timeline predictions and prophecies found in “Timeline Collapse” do not have happy endings and, as such, are not popular. Why? Because the myth of a wholesome, good, strong, helpful “America” always on the side of “right” was and, to an extent, remains indelible and pervasive. That illusion has so permeated the psyche of world opinion that until now no one could believe it was, or is, actually false. This is beginning to change, and because of challenging forces that can only be described as blatantly corrupt and wanton, the world has begun to see its illusion and realize just how unreliable the American mythology actually is.

Karma, the balancing of energy, is a funny, if not wholly ironic thing. Many believe in it and sanction it as long as it doesn’t affect them. However, you are living in a moment on the timeline when the entire world, and every aspect of it, is being affected.

So what is happening in the here and now? The simple answer is that the real hidden Truth is being revealed. Some will not be pleased to hear that, preferring instead to continue to clutch to the safety of old propaganda. Regardless, what is clear is that the Truth is not being revealed in a way that is expected. Instead, it is being revealed through the missteps and haphazard, thoughtless decisions of an inept few. And these same leaders have come to the forefront almost without regard for who or what is harmed in the process.

Certainly, these perpetrators who have lifted the veil on American politics and global adventures show little concern for hiding their actions or adhering to the long established charade. In fact, their deeds are often committed out in public. This is not to say however, that those who are currently in positions of power are actually doing the bidding of real “Truth”. Far from it. Rather, what is happening is best answered by asking the question, “Who better to unveil the illusion and the many years of covert corruption, than the most corrupt individuals among you through their own actions?”

Thus you have witnessed a group of individuals emerge, both in terms of leaders and followers, who essentially within themselves possess complete disregard for the established standards of good, bad, right or wrong. These standards are demonstrating, essentially, that the Truth that has lived in the shadow is not only present, it is prevalent.

And in this case, the Truth is perhaps not pleasant to see and certainly not as pleasant as you may like. The Truth is, racism, bigotry, corruption, meanness, hatred, cruelty, disdain, indifference, greed, envy, narcissism and mercilessness, among other things, exist and have been hiding in plain sight. They have simply been masked under a carefully crafted mythology and facade for far too long.

Now, as Ascension energies peak, the Truth (inconvenient though it may be) emerges and is defiant. It asks you to see it clearly, since in order for it to be changed as a “Truth” is must be analyzed and considered. In fact, Truth is nothing more than belief, whether it is personal or mass consciously derived as in the case of culture and society.

Truth is not static and it is not immutable, as many believe. There is not one Truth, and this perhaps has been the biggest problem you see around you as different individuals see different versions of the same reality. What is important here is that “Truth” can be altered, though it must be recognized and consciously changed. And this is as critical as it is germane to your current world situations and lives, since the Truth you choose to see, believe and allow to be pervasive will electromagnetically attract the reality events that affect mass consciousness and, ultimately, your lives. This is true for a Truth comprised of beliefs that are real, or a Truth comprised of fiction that is an illusion.

We have said many times that when events take place it is maintaining your vibrational neutrality that is essential. This continues to be so. But there is something more important than rising above the fray to maintain your grounding and to know yourself. It is your clear understanding of your personal Truth, both in terms of what you believe, what you see around you and who you want to be.

Truth is comprised of belief, and belief is what you choose it to be. But Truth can only be hidden in illusion for so long before it comes at you full force, as it has now. Changing it requires unmasking it, seeing it and understanding it. Is it what you desire it to be or will you mask it and hide it behind yet another myth? Will you work to consciously change it? And once you have discovered that it is not to your liking, will you create a new “Truth” that is more reflective of your current ideal and what you now hold as core beliefs? Or will you simply hide it inside of a new illusion you consider to be true, inconvenient though it might be at times.

America and other world nations are now faced with the prospect that within their societies and cultures, Truth has come home to roust. Mythology and Illusion are always lovely, but Truth may not be as pretty. Everything that has brought you to this present day is inherent in what you are witnessing around you. The Truth has been tucked away for so long, you have forgotten what it is. Instead, you have pieced together as your core belief the items pleasing to you from the mythology you have been indoctrinated with since childhood. That illusion is cracking under the weight of Ascension energies.

Suddenly from the shadows, come those who through their own efforts to personally enrich themselves and deceive you now shine the brightest spotlight on your delusion and your outdated beliefs. Some will see the extreme irony as Truth uses widespread corruption to bring its own corruption into the light. Many of you who still believe in an omnipotent, anthropomorphic being will recognize this as part of the mystery described as “God” working in mysterious ways or through the temptation of evil to test you with respect to your core beliefs and your fidelity to the ideal of Truth. But the ideal you thought was Truth, as you are discovering, is not necessarily the “Truth”.

We will not here go into a further discussion of how the current world situation is being instigated by baby and young Souls with an immature consciousness who will remain in Third Dimensional incarnations in opposition to mature or older Souls preparing to cycle off incarnations in the Third Dimension permanently. If what you see is disturbing however, it is important to know that as the Truth about a century of cultural and societal missteps is revealed, and what has been covert for so many years is now unmasked by its very perpetrators, the stage is set for the balance of karmic energies for your culture, your society and your country.

The question is: Are you prepared through a higher level of consciousness, empathy and vibrational state to see the Truth? Are you ready to reject illusion, and the mythologies that have hidden it? Are you ready to re-examine and create a new Truth in order to move into the future? Or will you become trapped in the idea of an ideal Truth, and succumb to the new lies, deceit and mythology that are being used by those in power currently who wish you to trade one blindness for yet another of their making?

The choice, as always, is your own based on your desire for growth, your Soul age and the mission you have chosen in this lifetime. But rest assured of one thing. The old adage that you marry the spouse you deserve has never been so true.

© 2020 EM Nicolay All Rights Reserved

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