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Of Fallen Angels & Vaccines

May 16th, 2021: Reader Question - I would like to understand the concept of "fallen angels" or a lost generation of Souls better. I find the idea that there could be Souls truly lost to be distressing and incompatible with the concept of a loving Source. Would there not be an effort to salvage the lost?

I also have another important question regarding vaccines, their safety and efficacy. I work in school systems where I see more and more children diagnosed with autism and many other neurological disorders. This is a wave coming after a "normal" childhood regimen of vaccine involves dozens and dozens of doses. What is this about?

Response: (Note: Much of what is found on the EssencePath site builds on information presented in the EssencePath series of books, and therefore a certain background is sometimes necessary to fully understand some of the statements, blogs and content found here. The question of “lost” Souls is one such item, and it is not a simple question to answer. This subject is covered in several EssencePath books extensively, including The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions, Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension and particularly the new book, Wheels of Creation. In fact, Wheels of Creation provides an entire section towards the end of the book (Starting on page 338 of Chapter 8) that explains the concept of a “Fallen” Soul or Dimension in detail, as well as offering an explanation of what a “parallel” universe actually is.)

On Ascension & Lost Souls:

There are no lost Souls that do not choose that path. “Choose”, however, is the operative word here, as we will attempt to explain.

To fully grasp the answer, one first needs a better understanding of universal structure. This includes a real understanding of Ascension as the God-given, evolutionary process of the Universe, intended for the growth of all Souls, Solar Systems, Dimensional timelines, planetary bodies and Beings, as well as the ultimate expression and expansion of All That Is – God or the Creative God Source if you prefer – itself.

Universal Structure consists of (what we refer to as) Twelve Universal Dimensions. Each Universal Dimension is segmented into Twelve Dimensional Sublevels. Within these Dimensions, Souls are cast into creation by Source from the Twelfth Universal Dimension. These Souls progress through all the Dimensions, as well as their Sublevels, experiencing growth through the manifestation of incarnations (reincarnations) they create, as co-creators, at various levels within a specific Universal Dimension.

At specific times, “Ascension” of these Souls to higher Universal Dimensions, once they have attained a certain vibrational quality and resonance, is possible. During Ascension intervals, Souls reintegrate with all the incarnations they have cast out within a specific Universal Dimension, and once this is accomplished, they ascend to higher Dimensional experiences. To understand this, it is best to put aside preconceived notions one may have concerning Ascension, most of which prove to be incomplete and misleading. For example, the idea that an individual, who represents just one facet or lifetime of a Soul out of thousands, will pop off the planet mysteriously in a newly created translucent body, or that a mass culling or rapture will miraculously occur, is fictional, at best. True Ascension is much more mysterious, miraculous and complex.

Like the process of Ascension available to individual Souls, during broader Galactic Ascension periods, the entire Universal Dimension reaches a vibrational resonance, via the Beings incarnated within it, that allows Ascension to be possible for the Dimension itself as well. In essence, at that time each Dimension (which also constitutes a specific Dimensional timeline) evolves into the next higher Universal Dimension. The process of Dimensional Ascension is an eternal one without end.

Now with respect to your question, almost all Souls within a Dimension follow the Universal grand plan of Ascension, and will choose to ascend, either individually or in conjunction with the Dimension itself, to a higher Universal Dimension. Naturally, this is predicated on when and if the Soul in question has reached the necessary vibrational integrity, or enlightenment (the ability to absorb photon energy), to ascend and incarnate lifetimes at a higher Dimensional vibration.

There are times however, when, for various reasons, a Soul may choose not to ascend. Although this is uncommon, some Souls and Soul groups, through misguidance, or an erroneous belief based on their creative, intellectual or technological abilities within the Dimension, come to believe that they are omnipotent and can intervene in the Universal process. As a result, they may choose, through free will, to remain fixated within the reality where they believe their power is focused or derived and, consequently, will reject the divine plan of Ascension. Some may attempt to manipulate it for their own purposes, or try to curtail and prevent its occurrence for other Souls in order to retain their dominance on the dimensional timeline.

When this occurs, these Souls can become “fallen.” The mythology of fallen Angels, or fallen Human Angelic Souls (sometimes referred to as the Luciferian Rebellion in religious teaching), vaguely relates to this. Such events occurred on a former Third Dimensional Earth during a far distant, prior Ascension period, which took place during the mid-period of the Atlantean Civilization, several hundred thousand years ago.

The inability of a Soul to ascend during the prescribed Ascension cycle, is an important occurrence in that the planetary system, and the Dimension itself, require the vibrational integrity and resonance of the Souls within it to reach a certain crescendo in order for true Ascension of the Dimension to take place. Thus, if enough Souls in the Dimension, or even within a sector of the Dimension, turn away by choice or are blocked from the evolutionary process (the Creator God force), that sector, Solar System, Galaxy or even the entire Dimension, is also in jeopardy of falling. Should that Fall continue unhindered, through the continued choice of the Souls within it, the Dimension can become what is referred to as a Parallel Universe. Ultimately such a Dimension itself can become “lost.”

Now to be sure, any Souls wishing to ascend within such a scenario are still able to do so. Free will, higher consciousness and higher vibrational frequency enables a Soul to regroup its energy, reintegrate its lifetimes from within the Dimension, and either transmigrate to the newly emerging dimensional timeline, or ascend to a higher Universal Dimension, as the evolutionary process of Ascension intends. This is so regardless of whether or not other Souls, or a particular Dimension itself, ascends. Thus, in that way you are indeed correct that no Soul who chooses, is ever truly lost.

But those Souls who continue on within a fallen Dimension by choice, and ignore the Ascension process or fail to follow the higher guidance offered to them, are ultimately considered to be fallen. In this manner they become “lost” to the Universal process, since, in a sense, they become lost to the divine evolutionary plan of Ascension. This is true because a Soul or a dimensional system disconnected from its Source and the divine energies that imbue it, has no further purpose. As a result, no evolutionary future or growth is possible. When the disconnect becomes more pronounced, the Dimension, and the Souls remaining within it, are no longer part of the growth of consciousness that is the hallmark of the divine plan, summarized as the continual expansion of the Universe or “All That Is”, God if you prefer.

It is difficult sometimes for those who have achieved a certain level of consciousness and vibrational integrity to accept, or even understand, why any Soul or Universal Being would “choose” to reject its energetic Source, and subsequently the growth and higher guidance found through the Ascension process; Yet they do. Similarly, an enlightened individual in your current reality might find it difficult to understand the atrocities some perpetrate on others, yet these things transpire as well.

Often such things happen for specific or grander Soul and Universal purposes, as in the case of karmic balancing, or as sometimes enacted by Ninth Dimensional System Lords who incarnate in order to advance Human Angelic Soul perfection. These higher purposes aside, it is always difficult to comprehend why anyone, through Free Will, would choose to reject Truth in favor of dogma, or take the viewpoint of their Ego and adhere to fleeting cultural or societal beliefs over the higher guidance offered by their Soul. This is especially true when these choices harbor challenge, or could even lead to destruction at some point down the line. But as you know, unfortunately this occurs as well.

Thus, it should also be realized that a misguided Soul, particularly one cut off from its higher guidance, might “choose” to continue on in a Fallen Universe, erroneously believing that their choice is the source of their power, strength and salvation. The more cut off from Source such a fallen Dimension of Souls becomes, the more divorced they are from their Creator, and eventually such alienation can lead to a generation of lost Souls, or fallen Human Angelics.

On Healing and the Use of Vaccines:

It is important to understand that all real healing takes place and is accomplished within and by the individual, through the auspices of their Soul. Illness, like healing, is based on a number of factors, some of which can be karmic in nature. Other factors include the very kernel of Soul experience and growth through the lifetimes the Soul lives in dimensional realities.

The experience of illness then, or the editing down from all health and well-being as we prefer to identify it, has a direct correlation to an individual’s frequency and inner belief systems. In addition, physical healing, unless the illness originates based on karmic or another purpose related to Soul growth, is directly connected to that lifetime’s belief system, particularly the individual’s belief that they, someone else or something outside of themselves can or will heal them. This is underscored by the fact that, as we mentioned, all true healing is etheric in nature first, followed by healing of the physical body.

In that respect, what one truly has faith in and believes will heal them is of great relevance. Whatever method is employed, if the belief that this or that method will bring about true healing, then any modality can be effective in assisting an individual to heal.

Whether you believe healing comes through Reiki, Yoga, Acupuncture, Herbal treatments, a Shaman, homeopathy or modern Allopathic medicine is inconsequential. The healing modality you employ simply helps you realign your vibrational intention and replenish the wellness that is always available to you. In this scenario however, make no mistake that you are the one that actually heals yourself.

Thus, all healing methods have relevance, but only if they have relevance to the individual. This is particularly true if the modality is connected to the individual’s belief structure, so that they have faith in the modality, as well as the conviction that healing is possible through the method being employed. Again, it should be understood that this is putting aside the possibility that the illness is karmic in nature, or otherwise desired by the individual’s Soul for specific purposes related to Soul growth.

This applies to vaccines and pharmaceuticals as well, removing from the discussion negligence in how they are created or used. Seen in this way, vaccine inoculations are, and have been in the past, valuable tools for healing. Thus, they have indeed done what they were intended to do, assuming of course the receiver had a belief system structured towards their unconditional acceptance of the method’s (vaccine's) healing power.

That said however, you are completely correct that when vaccines, medications or any “healing” modality becomes a bio-weapon, or when technological advances are altered from their original intent based on the desire to control a certain population, or because of greed and financial gain, great difficulties and challenges emerge. Mass consciousness is tested, and each individual is then faced with a choice to be made as to the extent of their Fears, where they should place their faith and the validity of their beliefs.

Sadly, this has become all too true at the present time for many modern medical “tools” and advancements, as now being employed. An example that should be considered in modern vaccines is the addition of highly toxic ingredients, fillers, adjuvants and preservatives employed regardless of the possible dangers. The use of these toxic ingredients are justified by manufacturing efforts to maximize potency or ensure that expensive refrigeration is no longer necessary. When by indifference, incompetence, greed or conscious intent however, a pharmaceutical enterprise is left unsupervised or deceives its users, and the cumulative toxic effects of the ingredients found in those vaccines, or any medication, are ignored, you become witness to terrible consequences.

Seen from a higher spiritual or Soul perspective, when such things surface in physical reality they are meant to incite questioning and awareness, usually in a subconscious way that will alter thinking, change mass consciousness and right the dangerous circumstances. However, as with any dualistic situation made manifest in reality, if left unbalanced, unheeded, unacknowledged or covered up, the issues will grow louder and become more visible until such time as the belief structure of the community involved is altered, and permanent change is achieved.

For some, especially the very young, your elders and the compromised, these challenges can prove extremely difficult to clear from the physical body biologically. There is a point, as you have determined with respect to the children damaged by lack of oversight concerning the toxic cumulative effect of the many vaccines administered in unison, that biologic toxicity is overwhelming to the immune system. We would suggest that seen from the aspect of their Soul, many of these children have taken on difficult lifelong challenges, such as autism or related chronic autoimmune conditions, as a matter of Soul growth and for a higher purpose meant to benefit the physical life conditions of their loved ones, their Soul group and society at large in the long run. The majority of these individuals are older Souls who are participating at varying levels in awakening the world to emerging perils.

These issues are a precursor to the important questions will arise in the future as to how certain technologies may be used against the human biologic and cellular structures, and the beginning of this can be seen in a variety of new modalities meant to otherwise heal or fight illness. The new COVID vaccine, presented to the global public as a traditional inoculation meant to save you from a very real and present bio-threat, is one such example. That vaccine will do what it is "intended" to do with respect to the bio-threat at hand, as we have indicated to you already, but for many it will also generate unintended immune system and biologic consequences in the future.

Instructing DNA or cells to "create" artificial proteins for the purpose of generating immunity, however well meaning or successful, in individuals motivated by fear who have not achieved the higher vibrational resonance and consciousness needed to offset the after-effects or damage this may cause within their own immune systems or genome, can have far reaching impact. In fact, the widespread use of new and, in a sense, experimental genomic technologies that are not sufficiently understood, employed hurriedly in panic without proper vetting, under governmental authority and with the removal of maker liabilities, should concern everyone.

Although such mechanisms may prove effective in the short term, technologies similar to the one used in this example, examined carefully in the light of day without fear, will soon introduce the world to new and critical questions concerning genomic interference and tailoring, as well as the extent to which you "choose" to allow manipulation of your DNA and genomic makeup in the future. Hints of the questions seen coming up on the dimensional timeline are vaguely wrapped now in what are considered far fetched "conspiracy" theories. It is true that many such theories are, indeed, exaggerated, laughable or completely false assumptions meant to mislead or manipulate, but the genomic references hold the kernel of legitimate concern. These core issues will become widely evident, and become the subject of important debate, in the near future as the true capability of these technologies becomes better known.

This is because even though these modalities have the potential to do great good, nano-technologies now also make it possible to use them as Trojan Horses. In the wrong hands and without awareness or supervision, important, and in some cases vital, individual and societal implications will come to light. These questions, combined with questions concerning associated technologies, such as already perfected AI-human interfaces through genome manipulation, weaponry that uses electromagnetic fields and frequencies to attack human biology from afar, brain implants, Neuro-links and mind-control devices, will soon emerge as one of the most important debates entertained by humanity since the dawn of your current civilization.

We would further suggest that attempts will be made to divert you from these important considerations, via generated Fear that will be pointedly directed to camouflage the issues through things such as orchestrated war scenarios, terror events or other global and national conflicts. Of particular interest will be a distraction brought about by yet to come cloaked revelations concerning governmental verification of the extraterrestrial presence on Third Dimensional Earth.

We would advise you to question the timing of current global occurrences, events and revelations, particularly if they illicit fear in the general population. One such example is the timing of a newly erupting conflict in the ever continuing, on-going Middle Eastern war (the truth about which is still being kept from you) within a certain region that has mandated public compliance to pandemic vaccinations. Have you not wondered the timing of such events, as vital questions concerning human genomic interference and government reach begin to surface? Such things are not coincidental.

With respect to health and the Fear generated in the mass consciousness through these things, from wherever it may stem, we have often told you that the vibration of Fear grossly suppresses one’s immunity, lowers one’s ability to counter dis-ease and hinders true healing. Be aware additionally that Fear clouds intuition and judgement, which readily provides the unscrupulous, as well as those who have hidden agendas or Service-to-Self Soul guidance, with the ability to manipulate and control the frightened. Your power in banishing your Fears, achieving conscious intention and preserving your Free Will is more critical now than it has ever been.

As we have told you, among many other things your DNA, cells and genomic structure act as antennae and are the primary link you have with your Soul and your higher guidance. This has been demonstrated by your science, and is the reason DNA or cells removed from one location and transported miles away will continue to act as if they were still resident within the physical body, responding in real time to any changes effectuated within the body itself miles away. This is loosely the basis of concepts such as the collective unconscious or the "Hundredth Monkey Effect" hypothesis, although to be sure, other universal mysteries are also behind these communicative cellular patterns.

Misguided and unregulated manipulation, interface or interference with your genome, however slight, well meaning and unintentional, has the potential to cut you off from the connection your Soul maintains with you continuously, ultimately causing your higher guidance to be diminished. This is an important consideration since not only does this curtail your Free Will, it dramatically reduces your ability to adhere to your Soul’s true purpose.

At no time has this been more important than at the current point in the Ascension cycle, particularly if you consider our discussion of lost Souls and its impact on the potential for a Dimension to “fall." As we have said, the very definition of a lost Soul is one that has become irreparably disconnected from its Source, which maintains it's energetic and etheric connection with the individual lifetime through DNA, cellular structure and the Chakras, operating through the electromagnetic grid of the planetary Being.

Moreover, as we have informed you previously, it requires the higher vibrational frequency of the Souls within a Dimension to effectuate not only their own Ascension but the Ascension of the entire Dimension, and therefore any diminishing of this connection to Source, or the process of Ascension, is of vital relevance. Whether that dampening occurs through pollution, Chemtrails, environmental changes, electromagnetic disruption, toxicity of food and medicine or genomic manipulation, everyone should be aware that these effects have great consequence. An aware individual will have little difficulty understanding these links.

Fortunately, as we have said in the past, if your consciousness and vibrational integrity is maintained at a higher level as a matter of conscious intention, and because each of you ultimately, through awareness and choice, has conscious dominion over anything designed to integrate or attempt to hijack the biologic, genomic functioning, each also has the power to negate whatever challenges such things may create at a biologic level. However, the cumulative toxicity challenges to the biological and cellular structures of the planet and the physical body that are currently being experienced cannot be overemphasized. ( For additional reading, see Forum Articles "The Thing About Cures...” and "QAnon, Cabals & Covid Considerations" )


This brings us full circle, with regard to the question concerning lost Souls. If one “chooses” not to awaken to this awareness and its potential to create these plights once made aware of them, then that becomes a choice made by each individual on behalf of their Soul. As you may know, failure to investigate such happenings or object to them is, in essence, an expression of your Free Will being used in the affirmative. This exonerates the perpetrator from karma, but nonetheless subjects you to challenges that may be created through your choice. Societies as a whole, that also have a mission and a form of Free Will, are subject to the same, if a conscious objection from those living within them is not forthcoming.

Happily, it you are reading this you are becoming awakened to it, and your Truth has the power to increase your vibrational frequency as you also bring wider attention to these matters to those around you. In doing so, you add exponentially to an increase in consciousness around these subjects, and by virtue of that, your awareness helps influence the mass consciousness environment, as well as the choices made by others with regard to these questions. As a further result of your awareness, the suffering of many, including children, who have chosen in conjunction with their Soul to experience challenges around environmental (and vaccine) toxicity as part of their life mission to bring awareness to others, is not in vein. In fact, in a way you are assisting them to successfully accomplish their Soul’s mission during the current lifetime.

Being fearful and ignoring your Truth, as well as being silent about what you believe is misguided, has the potential to lower your consciousness considerably, whether it stems from the effect of the healing modalities being imposed, or the mass fears generated through bio-terrorism and other dramatic world events. As a result, the vibrational resonance of the planet and the civilization suffers at an important moment of Ascension.

Since, as we suggest, the fear and “fencing”, technological or otherwise, that is being employed is an intentional effort meant to dampen consciousness and thereby curtail Ascension energies, the seemingly inconsequential act of simply asking these questions is an important step that helps improve the vibrational frequency of both you and your world. In other words, without any further effort and without realizing it, your conscious reflection, thoughtfulness and consideration of these matters actively works to assist your Soul, and the Dimension itself, to ascend. When combined with the thoughtful conscious intention of others, energetic momentum is exponential, and, in many ways, unstoppable.

How does a Soul and a Dimension become lost? By many Souls choosing to ignore or deny higher guidance and their Truth; And by allowing Fear, power, greed, society, political structures, religions, Gurus, dogma, would-be dictators, technology, the media, or anything else, to dampen the divine connection and dominate Free Will.

Great wisdom carries great responsibility, and by becoming aware of that, you have the ability to choose to raise your consciousness and improve your vibrational integrity. Therein lies your power and your real protection, as you will soon learn. Your conscious choice to not become a fallen Human Angelic Soul, demonstrated through your questioning and the awareness you achieve as a result, is a choice for which you are to be saluted. It is one for which you, your fellow Souls, the Dimension and the Universe will be forever grateful.


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