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The Turning of an Age

January 2021 - In the mid 1920’s, a momentous change was under way as farmers turned from using horses and oxen for farm work to using mechanized tractors. Tractors didn’t need to be fed, didn’t need to be watered and didn’t need rest intervals throughout the day. The additional acreage needed to feed the working farm horses (about 12 acres for the average farm) was free to be used to grow more crops, and thus the market was flooded with more supply than could be sold.

As a result, food prices collapsed and farmers found themselves unable to pay their mortgages. As more and more farmers defaulted on their loans, banks, which had been busy providing unlimited credit to an emerging middle class that was speculating on a go-go stock market, began to teeter. With agriculture prices collapsing due to oversupply, banks failing from the population’s inability to pay back mortgages or lines of credit they had been given and companies sitting on unsaleable inventories that no one had the cash to buy any longer, company values began to crumble. Suddenly, October 25th, 1929, stocks plummeted on a fateful day now known as Black Friday.

That date became synonymous with the start of the greatest depression the world has ever known. Years in the making, the event heralded the turning of an age. Why? Because what the Great Depression triggered and what followed on the Universal timeline – global economic chaos, the rise of Fascism, the territorial expansionism of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, genocide and the global conflict known as World War II – defined the destiny of generations to come.

On Wednesday, January 6th, 2021, a similar event has heralded the turning of another age. On that date the militarized followers of a would-be autocrat descended on what was internationally known as the citadel of democracy and justice -- the City on a Hill -- the Capital Building of the United States. The revolt was live streamed on Social Media.

Like the tractor analogy of the 1920’s, over the past decade advances in digital technology have paved the road for a new way of thinking, living and working -- virtually. Conglomerates like Apple, Amazon and Google have slowly replaced industrial age behemoths such as GE, US Steel and US Rubber. Bit by bit the global, and in particular the US economy, has transformed itself to accommodate a new age of Digital technology. Brick and mortar retailers are being replaced by Digital Commerce, and a global pandemic arrived just in time to demonstrate that with these new Digital advances, anyone can effectively work on their own from anywhere they choose, without the need for a common corporate workplace.

Like its predecessors, the current turning of an age also has powerful off-spring. Among these are instantaneous visual communications, Social Media and a Breaking News cycle that allows news to be custom-made for audiences with differing perspectives. Each individual now has the ability to literally live in their own virtual reality -- the reality of their own choosing -- with tailored information designed to conform and confirm whatever “Truth” they choose to believe.

Because the creation of your physical reality follows thought, emotional content and desire, and because what is being created in the mass consciousness environment is suddenly based on a variety of different Truths, divergent realities have begun to appear simultaneously. This has caused great schisms and untenable fractures in the old, uniform social fabric. A variety of physical realities are being created based on differing Truths. When all is said and done, who is to say which physical reality actually reflects the real “Truth”?

We have long discussed with you the fact that events viewed on the emerging dimensional timeline indicate that over the coming decade, the reality of America as a unified republic fades drastically. Ultimately, the timeline suggests that the events occurring now, including the most recent events of January 6th, actually herald the future deterioration and breakup of the US in much the same way the stock market crash of 1929 heralded a future Great Depression and a fateful decade of events, including World War, that were to come.

Now you find yourselves at the start of a new turning of an age. Those who have followed the outline of world events in “Timeline Collapse” know that the siege of Congress foreseen in that book is the culminating event derived from dramatic partisan disharmony. More importantly, the event is the precursor of the final unraveling of unified Federal power that will occur from now until approximately 2027.

Make no mistake, these events are not haphazard or accidental. They are well orchestrated, financed and planned. To the future dismay of many, the situation will not be ameliorated or rectified over the coming months or years. Indeed, as foreseen on the current future timeline, these events, together with those to come shortly, will in retrospect be seen as the events that lead to the neutering and dismantling of the US Federal Republic.

In addition to these attacks on US democracy, it is the inadvertent bankruptcy of the Federal government over the coming years that will ultimately seal its fate, leaving it existing virtually in name only as a pseudo national defensive alliance. Unable to enforce its will and in the absence of altruistic leadership, each State will, on its own, pick up the pieces of a failed national effort. Out of necessity, they will band together in limited, regional unions. Many have already realized this watching the woefully inadequate, failed attempts to coordinate a national response to the current pandemic.

If you have followed the information found in “Timeline Collapse” you know that where you find yourself now is where you are meant to be through the duration of these events. Additionally, you are aware, or have surmised by now, that for the most part those attempting to overthrow the elected government of the United States, based on their misguided beliefs, are predominantly Baby and Young Souls just entering incarnations in the Third Universal Dimension. These Souls are beginning to emerge as the dominant social force just when Mature and Older Souls, through the process of Ascension, are cycling off future Third Dimensional incarnations in the US and elsewhere.

It is not a coincidence that virtual reality and Social Media have emerged in conjunction with this influx of Baby and Young Souls. What better way for these entities to find each other, become entrenched with like-minded individuals and be steeped in their own personal perspectives. As you well know by now, Baby and Young Souls see the world as “me and those like me”. They have fundamentalists attitudes and no qualms about forcing others to think or do as they do. In fact they are suspicious and fearful of anyone that does not think as they do and unlike older Souls, Baby and Young Souls see differences as potentially “evil”.

Often, we have described how Baby and Young Souls earn Soul growth through mass consciousness environments where karma and karmic balancing is the primary vehicle. They tend to be insecure and argumentative, as well as energetic and enthusiastic. But they can quickly become impetuous and unfettered if they are purposely misled. Unfortunately, they also lean towards mass consciousness events that are violent and dramatic, such as those that take place in times of revolution, war, economic hardship or social discontent -- events not unlike the one recently witnessed on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

On the other hand, the cycling off through Ascension of Mature and Older Souls that is taking place en masse as current lifetimes finish will mean that the long-term future will inevitably be the domain of Baby and Young Souls. Certainly, Mature and Old Souls incarnated alongside Baby and Young Souls will still be somewhat present and attempt to reason with them as well as dissuade them from their seeming unruly behavior. The Truth is, however, more and more every day the new mass conscious reality, the backdrop of your physical reality, will become dominated by this new breed of young, karma-seeking Souls. And to be frank, they do not have the disposition to be reasoned with, censured or silenced, because the karmic events being created are exactly the kind of events they seek out.

What took place in Washington, D.C. on January 6th was a violent clash not only between ideologies but between virtual realities, different Truths and different Soul groups. Most importantly, it is the event itself that heralds the turning of an age. It did not “turn” the age, just as the tractor from our 1920’s analogy did not “cause” the Great Depression. But the event stands as an announcement that a different age is now upon you, and a turning of the page is complete.

As such, use this event as a milestone indicating that the timeline is proceeding upon the trajectory described to you previously, as well as an indication of what is yet to occur. Be aware that other shocking events on the timeline built around political structures and figures stand before you on the timeline. But know also that just as a decade intervened between the stock market crash of 1929 and the commencement of World War II, these events announce a longer, uncomfortable future period, which Mature and Older Souls who look towards self-karma for Soul growth rather than violent outbursts may find particularly disheartening.

We would be remiss however, if we did not point out such a marker to you or help you understand that the reality of what is happening must first be recognized in order for it to be understood. What remains paramount is understanding the Truth and maintaining Faith that your Higher Self together with a firm commitment to your Truth, whatever it may be, is key to staying afloat in potentially treacherous rising tides.

We have said many times in the past, despite events such as these, “life goes on.” The sun rises, and the birds still nest. What happens around you may not always be to your liking, but because the mass conscious environment is the backdrop of your physical reality, how your life plays out against that backdrop is what is important. That is where your power lies.

Remember that mass consciousness offers experiences to provide the prevailing Soul age, in this case Baby and Young Souls, with maximum opportunities for growth. It is up to you how your own growth unfolds, and whether or not you chose to participate actively in manifesting the current reality or prefer to remain detached and act as a guide and an observer.

This is not always an easy place to be. You have been taught that good always triumphs over bad, and that progress brings a better day. Yet we have explained many times that your Soul does not view events as good, bad, right or wrong. They are simply opportunities for Soul growth. You have also been taught that you must become invested in your environment and the outcome of events, as well as be involved in shaping your world’s destiny. What you have not been told is that each is destined to find their own experiences for growth as it relates to their Soul age and their life mission within the context of whatever reality you attract to yourself.

Free will allows you the choice to cooperate in the Soul growth experiences that are attracted to you, or not. If you are seeking vigorous Soul growth through karmic experiences, no doubt you will feel the urge to run into the current fray, exclaiming your indignation as you do so. If not, you will rise above the chatter knowing full well that this reality is created for others who wish to experience growth within it. Your role is to consciously decide whether or not you choose to take part, wish to give it relevance in any form or allow it to have power over you. In this way, your Free Will is exercised.

Should you decide to focus on your own Truth, your own community and your own reality, as well as remain as neutral as possible while staying centered and calm, the energetic need for you to be involved is potentially released. Others (most likely the Baby and Young Souls around you) will continue to generate these events and situations around you in the mass conscious environment and you will continue to be aware of them. But their impact will be lessened for you as you focus on those things that have real relevance and importance to you.

Whatever form of interaction you choose, it is important to be aware that these events do have the potential to alter the background and, therefore, many of the standards and norms upon which you may have built a life. Be prepared to detach, ground yourself and learn how to be in the world without succumbing to it. Be agile and be flexible. Be true to yourself. Above all, do not contribute to the chaos or fear this-or-that particular outcome. Do not energetically perpetuate the mayhem through discussion, argument or involvement, unless you choose to do so and wish to make the emerging reality your own.

With those whom you disagree, or those who disagree with you, be righteous and be firm, but compassionate and understanding just as you would be in speaking with or disciplining your own children. Understand that organizations and governments, like people, have life spans that may not be personally convenient. Most of all, be aware of your divine nature and act your “Soul” age. Whenever possible, remember that thoughts are actions, and fear has the power to attract and manifest events and situations in your life that are vibrationally compatible with what you fear.

Finally, know with all your heart that peace, health, safety, abundance and happiness are not goals, but are already full realities that live within you. Do not edit down from their fullness because of doubt. Make recognizing their presence in your life your mantra each and every day. And as you make your way through challenging times, acknowledge that these ideals are the best part of who you are, who you have been in the past and who you will forever be.


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